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Raised Garden Bed – Getting Ready to Plant

raised garden bed

Simple Raised Bed of Cinder-Blocks

At last our snow is gone. It could snow again, but it won’t last if it does. We can seriously begin thinking about our gardens now in New Hampshire.

Last year I dragged these cement blocks up from the side of the house and created a raised bed. I ordered dirt from Agway and wheel-barrowed it over to fill the area. I had tomatoes and a zucchini plant in it and they did great.

I will have to begin thinking about what I want to grow and where I’ll plant it. Except for cold weather crops, like lettuce, parsley and peas, I won’t be able to plant until the end of May.

I added Bone Meal to the dirt in this raised bed, but I still need to order a new batch of good dirt too. Finances are a bit tight, and I won’t be buying hanging planters and such to beautify my yard, but certain things I must have to grow some (hopefully) good crops. I garden to eat healthy and save money. And I also enjoy it.

I got outside the other day, when the weather was nice, and took some photos of what is coming up in the yard. I’ll share once I get them off the camera and into an organized group for my blogs.

What I Bought at The Nursery

potted plants on the tailgate

Home From a Trip to The Nursery

I shop for annuals once a year, usually at the end of May or beginning of June – like most other people who live in New England. If we shop too early, the plants have to wait somewhere until all chance of frost has passed. OR, they can go into the cold ground and take their chances. All plants cost too much to risk dying in a freeze, and I can’t be bothered to go out and cover my plants. I just wait and try to get them into the ground at the correct time. And slowly but surely I am learning how to garden in the north.

So on my recent trip to “House by the Side of the Road”, this is what I came home with (my hanging fuchsia was on the front seat): Continue reading

Font Upgrades to The “Hydrangeas Blue” Blog

changing or adding fonts

WordPress Font Options

You may not have realized this, but I have added a font upgrade to this blog. For $30 a year I can have custom fonts. I think it’s worth it and I like the look. They can be changed easily at any time and along with the font style I can choose a size. I hope the fonts I chose are easy to read in the posts. The script for the header and titles is a bit different, but I like it.
What do you think?

If you are considering doing this to your Word Press blog, find the custom fonts option under “appearance” and “custom design” in the dashboard area of your blog.  It may be nice to make reading your blog easier if you have a lot of visitors.

For the Handy Woman – Springtime Fixes and More

English: Austell, GA, November 2, 2009 -- A co...

English: Austell, GA, November 2, 2009 — A contractor makes repairs to a home flooded during the severe storms and flooding that damaged thousands of Georgia homes in September 2009. FEMA is actively working with homeowners in the recovery process. David Fine/FEMA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was younger, and married, many weekends were spent fixing up the house.  My husband was not a handyman.  And he always required help from me when a project presented itself.  Fortunately our homes were each bought new (at separate times) so the only work we did around the house were improvements and not necessarily repairs.  We painted, dug a place for an above ground pool, added a screen enclosure,  and even put up wallpaper once (…once was enough!).   He even managed, with help from his father, to add a shed to the backyard.  And we took pride in the fact that we had accomplished something to make our place a little better looking or more enjoyable.

Now that I am older and my old house needs more work than I will ever have time for – not to mention the fact that the jobs are too big for me – I hire someone to do the handyman work.  But many women out there enjoy getting their hands dirty and want to take care of their place on their own.  I write at Wizzley alongside Brenda, who is starting a blog about her abilities as a handy-woman, and I encourage all you woman who need inspiration in this area to visit it.

She has painted a dresser and put in a floor herself, and probably has done much more.  Not only can we save money, as women we need to stick together and encourage each other in this.  Many men believe we are not capable of doing what they do and I think that some of them are a little afraid that we can!

If you are tired of cleaning windows and draperies and look forward to doing bigger Springtime fix-ups, check out the Do-It-Yourself Handywoman’s blog.

Wonder why I couldn’t find a handyWOMAN photo to add here?

The Light Green Flower of the Limelight Hydrangea

limelight hydrangea shrub

The Limelight Green Hydrangea

One of the hydrangeas I chose to buy on my recent visit to the nursery was the Limelight. It is a large growing shrub with dimensions that can reach up to 8 feet wide and tall. The flowers are a pretty white to light green and they are more lacy looking than the ball type hydrangea flowers of the blue hydrangeas I am used to.

The limelight is a favorite with brides and they use this flower to decorate everything from their wedding bouquets to wedding cakes.  It’s one of the few flowers that is green naturally.

I’ve never grown the limelight (or any hydrangeas), so it will be a new experience, but I am looking forward to watching it mature and bloom.  It’s unlikely that I will see any flowers this year as it will be getting established, but hopefully by next year I’ll have gorgeous light green flowers to enjoy.

I need some photos of this flower to use in my wedding stationery line so it would be wonderful to have them growing right in my front yard.

For now I will settle for any of the hydrangeas blooming and some of my new plants do have buds.

Time to Plant Hydrangeas Folks!

Blue Hydrangeas (Card) For Mom This Mother’s Day

Photo card with hydrangeas

Blue hydrangeas on a card for Mom.

I was shopping at the local farm stand, which had just opened the week before, and asked about hydrangeas. Yes, we get them in right before Mother’s Day, I was told. And yes, they were the hardy, plant outdoors, kind.

I imagine they will be costly. Hydrangeas usually are expensive and hard to find too. In fact they are only around for sale for a short time it seems, so I must grab them while they last.

I don’t want them for giving as a gift. I no longer have a mom, or mother-in-law. I will be giving them to myself to plant in my barren yard.

With the economy being what it is, it’s likely that many folks won’t be able to give Mom much this year.   Kids of all ages will be looking for something special, and affordable for mom.

So how about a pretty card that contains her favorite flower? You may even upload a photo to the front and customize the text by adding a special sentiment inside.

Mom will love it – maybe even more than a gift of the real hydrangeas.


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